To make the help more effective the foundation has several projects to support children, families, sick and widows.

Fish support several children at schools in North Albania. They are motivated to go to school, but finances (for school materials) are a challenge. We provide them with school materials. >>>

Sometimes individuals are in desperate need. FiSH has a special budget to give help in situations where the need is very high. >>>

Everywhere in Albania you see a lot of garbage. We will take care of God’s nature and organise several activities to change behaviour and tell about the ‘plastic soup’ and everybody’s responsibility. >>>

Fish organise several events often together with other organisations with a theme. >>>

Food packages
Since 2010 FiSH has helped many different families with food. Because food takes a high budget percentage in Albania. Widows are a special group, we give them monthly food but also organise activities because many of them feel very lonely. >>>

Social Street Help
In winter food is more a challenge than in other seasons. So volunteers prepare food and go on to the streets and places where woman are begging, men are waiting for jobs or sifting through garbage. >>>